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Church Reopening This Sunday!

We are Open this Sunday!!!

Here are some quick guidelines for our reopening to make sure we are doing our part to have a healthy reopening.

First, if you are sick or don't feel comfortable attending right now, then stay home and watch us online. We have tailored our online experience so that when service starts in person, it will start online so everyone will get the same content.

Second, the service will start at 11:00 am. To make our space contact-free, we will open the FLC doors at 10:50. When the doors are open, you may then make your way in as the doors will be propped open.

Third, Make sure you are wearing a mask upon entry. If you do not have one, the greeters will provide one for you when you enter. This is for everyone's protection and health.

Fourth, Please do not move the chairs. We have chairs set up for everyone maintaining the 6 feet distance. If you need assistance, ask an elder or an usher to assist you.

Fifth, If anyone is needing to be anointed, We will have oil available. The anointing will be between the pastor and the person being anointing.

Sixth, make sure you are practicing safe social distancing. Feel free to talk with one another but no physical contact (hugs, handshakes, etc.)

Our Policy for having in-person services will fluctuate based on any changes made by the State of Virginia. We are looking forward to seeing you and when you do feel comfortable in attending in person, we will have a seat for you!

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