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Bright Shirt Sunday - Feb 20

What a winter we are having! Two-Three major snow storms that we have not seen in years! Even that Ground Hog is predicting six more weeks of winter (but we don't take stalk in that). We do firmly believe that Christ-Followers are to be the Light of the World. But what does that look like? How does one become bright and illuminate a situation? It is by our faith and hope that we accomplish Jesus' words. However, we need practice being salt and light.

That's why we trying something fun this coming Sunday, February 20 during the morning Worship service. We are asking all who attend to wear their brightest and loudest attire to service. This is not how we accomplish God's Word, but the outrageousness of a Hawaiian shirt in the middle of winter does help us realize the hope and joy Christians have within them, and by being bright and loud, we remind ourselves to continually life a life of Hope and Faith--the salt and light in the world.

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