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About Us

The Staunton First Church of God was founded on July 1, 1941 when Rev. Hassie Mowry started services in a building located in the Park Addition on Churchville Road.  At that time, the church was known simply as Park Addition and later became known as Neighborhood Chapel. The congregation began work on a new church building in the spring of 1942 and dedicated the facility on September 6, 1942.

Rev. Mowry resigned in 1945.  She was succeeded by Rev. Loren Shackleton from Anderson, Indiana who served for eight years.  It was during that time that the congregation built a new building and parsonage on Poplar Street in Staunton.  The church then became known as the Poplar Street Church of God, where the congregation remained until 1968.  Rev. John Osteen arrived to pastor the church in 1953 and served for the following 12 years.

In March, 1965, Rev. Paul Campbell became the Pastor. The church moved to its present location on Shutterlee Mill Road in the fall of 1968.  Rev. Herbert Nobles succeeded Rev. Campbell in 1970 and served for five years.  Rev. Ben Ulmer followed.  During his tenure, the parsonage was built.  Rev. Ron Wamer (two separate terms), Rev. Danny Posada, Rev. Arnold Smith, and Rev. Mark Tincher followed with tenures here in Staunton.  In 1986 the pavilion on the hill was added.  In 1997 the church greatly increased the facility with the addition of the Family Life Center.  The church family worked hard to construct this addition.

Rev. Don Hackney served as the Pastor from 1998 to 2007. Later in 2007, Rev. Don Simmons came home to Staunton as our Pastor.  Rev. Simmons had grown up in the Staunton church and felt the call to pastoral ministry in his adult years.  He served in Staunton from 2007 to 2013.

Pastor Scott Stedman was called to serve here in Staunton in March of 2015 and served until 2021.   

In the autumn of 2021, we called our latest Pastor, Rev. Kyle Yates to our congregation.  He comes to us from Scotland Ave Church of God in Punxsutawney, PA. With him, his wife Kylie and son Kaleb. The church continues to carry out many ministries developed in previous years but desires to take a fresh look and view of what and where the church is today.  

With that fresh look, we will never change the message of God but review methods and ministries that will help us be better equipped to reach and impact our community for Christ during tumultuous times.  Every person is valuable and needed to be a part of the ministries of the church.  Some of the key words that seem to always come up in the Staunton church is family and love.  We desire that others become part of God’s family and know the love of Christ and be a part of the mission of the church.

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